31st Jul, 2014


Decorated with several hundred year-old cabins that captivate your imagination, the CR Ranch, south of Pie Town along the Continental Divide, is a small New Mexico cattle ranch rich in the history of the “dust bowlers” who settled the area back in the 1920’s. The Continental Divide is an invisible demarcation line where the waters start to run in different directions towards the different oceans.

The 550 acres covered in evergreens and oaks, with Alegres Mountain as its backdrop and the charm of the historical old cabins, creates a frontier atmosphere that’s both magical and soothing. Once, these old cabins were occupied by refugees from Oklahoma and West Texas, when those areas turned to dust during a prolonged drought.

An ideal hunting property where elk are frequent visitors,  or a  modest  cattle ranch, the CR Ranch is improved with a small home, well, corrals, barns, and electricity. It is conveniently located near  Datil and Pie Town, while travelling to the bigger towns of Socorro, Quemado and Springerville is just a straight shot along highway 60. Listing Price $535,000.00 — SOLD

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