Decorated with several hundred year-old cabins that captivate your imagination, the CR Ranch, south of Pie Town along the Continental Divide, is a small New Mexico cattle ranch rich in the history of the “dust bowlers” who settled the area back in the 1920’s. The Continental Divide is an invisible demarcation line where the waters start to run in different directions towards the different oceans.

The 550 acres covered in evergreens and oaks, with Alegres Mountain as its backdrop and the charm of the historical old cabins, creates a frontier atmosphere that’s both magical and soothing. Once, these old cabins were occupied by refugees from Oklahoma and West Texas, when those areas turned to dust during a prolonged drought.

An ideal hunting property where elk are frequent visitors,  or a  modest  cattle ranch, the CR Ranch is improved with a small home, well, corrals, barns, and electricity. It is conveniently located near  Datil and Pie Town, while travelling to the bigger towns of Socorro, Quemado and Springerville is just a straight shot along highway 60. Listing Price $535,000.00 — SOLD

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Jul 22, 2014

Luna Rodeo

On July 26th, the annual Luna Rodeo will take place at the Luna Fairgrounds. This rodeo, which has taken place for the last 60 years, is a favorite with many of the Catron County residents. Skills that are used on the many cattle ranches in New Mexico, such as roping, bronc riding and barrel racing, are on display by participants young and old. The nickname for this rodeo is “best little rodeo in the West”, and it is! And there are always plenty of spectators who will take this opportunity to take a look at some of the hunting properties for sale in New Mexico

Rodeo2 luna1

Jul 15, 2014

It’s monsoon season!

New Mexico Wild Flowers        QLE Horse Properties  Big Bear Flowers

Monsoon season is here and we have already had lots of rain on the ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. The land has come to life, wildflowers are popping up everywhere and the grasses are growing. This time of the year transforms our ranchlands – Our Land of Enchantment is more beautiful than ever. This is a great time to contact us, and have us show you some of the hunting properties and cattle ranches for sale in New Mexico

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One of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico, the Alegres Ranch, recently sold and what a fantastic property it is.

Alegres Mountain, which reaches to over 10,000 feet in elevation, sits in the middle of the 9,958 deeded acres of the Alegres Ranch and is one of the few, if not the only, privately owned mountain of that elevation in southwestern New Mexico.

Once on top of “the mountain” the panoramic is spectacular with views of Reserve to the south, Arizona to the west, the Rio Grande Valley to the east, and the Sawtooth Mountains to the north. Alegres Mountain is covered in vegetation that is rare to southwestern New Mexico including aspen, spruce, and fir, and it is a wintering ground for many of the elk in the surrounding area.

The bottom country of this spectacular ranch property has been cleared and planted and provides perfect habitat for the wildlife that live in the area. The bottom country and meadows of the ranch leave tremendous opportunities, and potential, for future improvements.

The Alegres Ranch was one of the great centers for timber and logging back in the day and numerous cabins, and remnants of nesters and homesteaders, throughout the ranch take you back in time as you travel the roads of this magnificent ranch property.



branding44 branding22

I’t’s branding time in the Southwest. This is an exiting time for all. Cows and calves are being gathered, calves are sorted and separated, horses are pushed to do their best. Families and friends from all around get together to help, and afterwards  have a large BBQ, and many stories are told. There are a number of ranch properties for sale in New Mexico suitable for working a herd. Call us and we will help you find one.

Jun 12, 2014

Rodeo Season

barrel bareback

Summer is here and the rodeo season is in full swing in New Mexico and other areas in the Southwest.

If you could visit the ranch properties-some of which are for sale- in New Mexico, you would find young people practicing barrel racing, pole bending, roping and all the other rodeo events.

This is a lively time in this region of the country;  many horse stories are told, bragging rights are exercised, and all around fun is had by all!!

New Mexico Premier Ranch Properties–Listing Brochures and Maps

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Early summer is the finalizing time for scheduling a hunting calendar on one of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. Hunting shows have been attended, hunts have been booked and the majority of the draw results have been posted. Now it is time to repair the equipment that took a beating last year, purchase the new gear you wished you had on last years’  hunts and start all final preparations for this Fall. There is always more to do than hours in the day. There are boots to break in, pounds to lose, legs to strengthen, knives to sharpen, rips to stich, maps to study, bows to fine tune, ammunition loads to work out, freezers to clean out and scouting trips to plan. It sounds like a taxing list, and it would be if it weren’t half the fun! Hunting is not just the few days spent in the field during the allocated time on a tag, it is the weeks and months preparing for those 7 cherished days on one of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. The daytime dreaming, the hope of good horn growth, the recent Cabela’s purchases, and all the preparation leading up to a hunt are part of what makes a hunter hunt. So enjoy this summer as you prepare for the greatest season of all…. the fall. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

mountain viewsBig Bear Water HoleElk1a_email


The Ranch Properties for sale in New Mexico are so diverse…. There are grassy plains where cattle ranches stretch as far as the eye can see and large herds of antelope abound. Then there is the more hilly country  covered with Juniper and Pinion Pine, which frequently transitions into the high country with majestic Ponderosas. Here cattle ranches often become hunting ranches from September thru December. The size of the ranch properties for sale ranges from as small as  section to several thousand acres. Generally ranches in South West  New Mexico will receive a number of Landowner tags each year for elk and mule deer, as well as antelope for those ranges in the plains. New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment, and anyone who has visited this beautiful ranchland will surely agree!

There are many ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. Ranch properties range from cattle ranches to hunting properties, horse farms to luxury ranches. No matter what your interest, we can help you locate the ranch most suited to your needs. We have assisted a number of folks with finding the perfect piece of land for them. Give us a call anytime, and let us help you. Horses & Clouds 021The Farm 04c, Wntr Wht1 branding44

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