Update on the Gallo Mountain Ranch – a hunting and cattle ranch for sale  in Apache Creek, NM. – $3,250,000.00.


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New Listing – $3,250,000

Gallo Mountain Ranch, and the forest surrounding it, offers some of the nation’s finest trophy elk, mule deer, black bear, and turkey hunting. This fantastic hunting property is located in New Mexico’s game management Unit 15, a quality and high demand area, and receives several highly coveted landowner elk permits each year, providing its owner with an unrivaled elk hunting experience. Unit 15 is a primitive weapons unit and elk hunting with muzzleloaders and bows only has successfully maintained the trophy quality that it is renowned for.

For the avid sport fisherman the scenic 30 minute drive to Quemado Lake is just enough time to dream about your rainbow trout or muskie catch of the day. With numerous other lakes and reservoirs stocked with rainbow, brook, and cutthroat trout, including Big Lake and Sunrise Lake, and over 680 miles of rivers and streams, the White Mountain area lives up to its reputation as a “mountain wonderland” and it is completely , and conveniently, at your disposal.   ! In the winter months Sunrise Ski Resort, located between Springerville and Show Low, has 3 peaks and numerous runs. One of Arizona’s top ski resorts, it is only 1 hour and 45 minutes from the ranch. Another popular winter sport, on the areas many lakes, is ice fishing. ! An improved gravel airstrip with a windsock is located on Gallo Mountain Ranch in Lower Mallet just off of Hwy 32. A very adequate airport for light aircraft is located just outside of Reserve. The Springerville Municipal Airport can accommodate large planes, has two runways, one over 8,400 feet in length, 24-hour fuel, and courtesy cars.

The best of two worlds Gallo Mountain Ranch is located in Catron County, New Mexico, where you can truly “get away from it all” yet it is also located within minutes of the White Mountains of Arizona.   ! When it’s time for supplies, or taking care of business, Gallo Mountain Ranch is a 25 minute drive to Reserve and a 75 minute drive to Springerville on pavement (less if you don’t mind a little dirt). The mountain village of Reserve is the country seat and gateway to the renowned Gila National Forest. Reserve has two small grocery stores, a hardware store, restaurants, gas stations, county fairgrounds, and a health clinic. The area is rich in ranching tradition with summer rodeos and county fairs.   ! Arizona is only a hop, skip, and a jump away, and the mountain towns of Springerville and Eager are quite a bit larger, with a combined population of close to 7,000. Once there you are only 45 minutes from the resort community of Show Low, which has all the comforts and amenities of a large city while holding on to the beauty and charm of a mountain community.

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Just Listed; The Gallo Mountain Ranch —-$3,250.000.

Gallo Mountain Ranch is endowed with plentiful water. The ranch has 4 springs on deeded lands, Perry Lawson Spring, Sam Wilson Spring, Gallito Spring, and “the Bog”.   ! The 840 acres of deeded lands, and the springs located on them, are rare and valuable inholdings with potential for investment opportunity and rural development. Water rights to these springs are filed with New Mexico’s Office of the State Engineer. Numerous springs located within the forest lease provide water to the ranches many storage tanks.


The sub irrigated meadowland of the Gallito headquarters is surrounded by majestic ponderosa pine with a centerpiece of ancient oaks and colorful cottonwoods. An old cabin site encircled by panoramic views of the Gallo Mountains and blanketed in summer flowers adds a finishing touch to the beauty of the Gallito headquarters. Imagine your custom home sitting atop a rise with wildlife watering at a pond and livestock feeding in the meadows. !

Water from Gallito Spring is plentiful. With a more than adequate supply of water, the development of the spring with subsequent construction of water features such as a family fish pond, or a trickling brook that flows just where you want it to, is almost limitless.

The lush green meadows of Bull Camp are an oasis of serenity. A peaceful easy feeling overcomes you the moment you arrive. Quiet and secluded, Bull Camp is an ideal retreat for rest, relaxation, and/or meditation. A special spirit abides on the ranch and you can feel its magic at Bull Camp. !

Outlined by forests of ponderosa pine and juniper, an expanse of sub-irrigated pastures stretch out in all directions. A seasonal creek runs through the meadows of Bull Camp in a year with any degree of winter snow, and a new solar pump on the existing well produces a consistent flow of 20 gallons per minute. An old barn and a set of old corrals add to the charm of this captivating property, taking you back to a day when life was a whole lot simpler.


The sound of the creek as it leisurely meanders through the forested canyon bottom of Perry Lawson is pleasantly tranquil. It’s easy to visualize quite little cabins nestled on the hillsides just above the creek bottom and/or a larger lodge atop the higher plateau with sweeping views for as far as the eye can see. Easy and immediate access to Highway 32 adds to Perry Lawson’s value and it’s tremendous potential for recreational development. The creek at Perry Lawson gently meanders its way south through spring and summer pastures rising intermittently until it reaches Sam Wilson and Sam Wilson Spring


The spring at Sam Wilson is currently undeveloped but the potential for a large pond, or several smaller ponds, exists with upcoming spring improvements. Gallo Mountain Ranch has been working hand in hand with Natural Resource Conservation Services and has been approved for a 5 year grant of nearly $17,000 per year, beginning in 2014. An application has been submitted for an EQIP grant that would make additional funds available for pond and water improvements. These grants will transfer with the purchase of Gallo Mountain Ranch.


Nestled beneath the summits of Fox Mountain and Gallo Peak (guy-yo), in the Apache-Sitgraves National Forest, lies the Gallo Mountain Ranch. Encompassed by a unique recreational dreamland that embraces trophy big game hunting, abundant fishing, and endless riding and hiking trails, Gallo Mountain Ranch is situated at a cool summer 7,500 feet within an expanse of forested timber, open meadows, and a myriad of spring-fed creeks. Gallo Mountain Ranch is a breathtaking and productive working cattle ranch as well as an outdoorsman’s paradise.

No wonder the majority of ancient Anasazi, or Tularosa Native Americans (which once numbered over 3,000 in this area) choose this ranch as their home for centuries. Native medicinal and edible plants abound along with arrowheads, pottery, and ruins for exploration and discovery.

Gallo Mountain is a seasonal yearling ranch and runs up to 700 plus head from approximately mid May through mid October. The forest lease consists of 38,633 acres with 15 well fenced pastures, 14 springs, 31 dirt tanks, and 3 wells. Ponds and springs are plentiful on Gallo Mountain Ranch and the diverse meadows and bottomlands produce excellent feed for a gainful yearling operation. The average yearling gain in a 4.5 month period is 180 to 200 pounds. Summer pastures produce gramma and meadow grasses and variations of winter fat. Spring pastures produce early cool season grasses that are fed by the ranches many springs from May through June. While Gallo Mountain is currently running yearlings the ranch is permitted for either a yearling or a cow/calf operation. The cattle operations on the forest lease and deeded lands produce a healthy annual income for the ranch.

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Fall has arrived in the Southwest mountains of New Mexico, which starts another wonderful chapter of time for this area.

The nights are crisp and cool, the days sunny and warm. The cattle ranches, which at this time of the year become hunting properties, are used temporarily  as cattle ranches again as ranchers and cowboys  (of course with the help of their trusty cattle dogs), gather their livestock to be shipped to market.

The gramma grass, although turned yellow, is still plentiful for cattle and wildlife alike. The bugling of elk in rut echoes through the mountains, an eerie and at the same time beautiful sound.

Life is good in the Southwest. If you have always wanted to own a cattle ranch, make sure to contact us!



The archery hunting season in New Mexico is over. For 25 days in September, hunters had a wonderful time searching the lands for big bulls  or cows. They had to deal with all kinds of weather conditions, from warm days to thunder and lightning, rain (sometimes torrential) and even mornings with heavy fog.

This is the time that many of our cattle ranches become temporary hunting properties. However, hunting these ranches is not an easy task. Most are large – several 1000’s acres – the terrain can be steep, rocky or heavily treed.

Many adventures were had, many stories were told around campfires or relaxing in lodges, and plans were made for next year’s hunting season.

If you have never experienced Fall hunting in the Southwest mountains you certainly owe it to yourself to check it out. There are always cattle ranches/hunting properties for sale, and many of those have landowner tags available. Contact us and we will be happy to help you find one.

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New Mexico Elk HuntingNew Mexico Elk Hunting Property,

Sep 4, 2014

Pie Town Festival

Next Saturday, September 13, the annual “Pie Festival” will take place in Pie Town, NM. This sleepy little village of about 60 inhabitants will swell to over 1000 people. Activities include a pie baking contest, games, music, food, arts and crafts vendors and of course —- LOTS of pie.

The Festival will be held at Jackson Park. In addition to pies sold in the park there are two pie restaurants in town, and for those who like to be off the beaten path there is the Pie Source – Pie and Coffee house off York Ranch Road; a favorite with hikers and bikers travelling the Continental Divide Trail.

So how did Pie Town get its’ name? In the 1920’s, an enterprising man named Clyde Norman started selling dried apple pie along a trail used by cowboys and ranchers taking their cattle to the railhead in Magdalena. Eventually, the little settlement acquired a post office and became Pie Town officially. Many of the cattle ranches dating back to that era are still around and some are currently for sale.

Another event in September is the Archery Elk season…many hunters will take a few hours to leave the hunting lands to gorge themselves on pie.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of the fun in Catron County! There are always cattle ranches and hunting properties for sale and we can help you find the one for you.

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Catron County has a rich and interesting history; and there are many ghost towns, each with it’s own story. Some of the ghost towns are Adams Diggins, Bursum, Collins Park, Cooney, Frisco, Fullerton, Graham, Greens Gap, Horse Springs, Jewett, Patterson, Mangas, Red Hill, Spur Lake, Tres Lagunas, Whitfield.

One of the more interesting stories is about Adams Diggins. Legend has it that Adams, together with a group of miners entered Western New Mexico (what is now Catron County) from the White Mountains and found a valley rich in gold. Even though warned not to stay too long, they lingered and mined until they ran out of supplies. All of the miners, except for Adams, were killed by an Indian war party. Adams was wandering around delirious and was found by an army scout party. He settled in California, but returned years later after the Apache wars ended to try to find his gold – he never did –

A number of present day cattle ranches as well as hunting properties carry the names of these ghost towns. Some of these ranches may be for sale -Imagine owning such a historic piece of land!

Call or email us and we can help you find a cattle ranch with lots of history!

Collinsville Homestead 01 Collinsville Homestead 11 Collinsville Homestead 12



Catron County is the largest county in New Mexico, in area. It compasses almost 7000 square miles, yet it only has a population of around 3500 folks. It is actually larger that nine States!

Catron County was settled as early as 10999 BC (start of the Clovis period). The Mogollon people lived throughout the county from 1000 AD – 1130 AD and were well known for the Mimbres culture which produced art renowned for its beauty.

In 1880, silver and gold was found in the mountains by Sgt. James Cooney. Sgt. Cooney was killed by the Chiricahua Apaches (let by Victorio) in the “Alma” Massacre. During this time, another famous leader of the Apaches – Geronimo – had several hide outs in Catron County. Later in 1880 buffalo soldiers defeated Chiricahua warriors let be Victorio in the battle of Tularosa. I 1884, Sheriff Elfego Baca became famous in the Frisco shootout in San Francisco Plaza. In the mid 1880’s, Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch gang holed up in a ranch near Alma.

The Catron County lands were part of Socorro County until 1921. Then Catron county became it’s own and was named after Thomas B. Catron.

With a history this rich, owning a part of Catron County is a dream of many. We can help you by finding you a cattle ranch  or hunting property OldNRanchCabin_2677 Old Corral_2598 New Mexico Cowboy New Mexico Mountain Ranchin Catron County or elsewhere in New Mexico




Aug 12, 2014

Catron County Fair

In just a couple of weeks the annual Catron County Fair will be held in Reserve, NM. This is an eagerly anticipated event, as most of the population of Catron and surrounding counties will attend at least some of the activities.

There will be many livestock contests, exhibitions by the 4H and the FFA, as well as by local artisans. Each morning starts with a pancake breakfast; and of course there will be food stands and BBQ available.

The young folks will be able to show off their talents in the junior rodeo and horse showmanship competitions, while the older crowd will amuse the spectators with the Ranch rodeo and team roping events. The Fair runs from Thursday through Sunday – A good time will be had by all! Make sure you come and enjoy the fair, and contact us to show you hunting properties and cattle ranches for sale in New Mexico! cfiles36197 reserve-newmexico1 bareback

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