Listed at $4,300,000.00

A Land of Enchantment
Majestic mesas, a familiar landmark of southwestern New Mexico, covered in pinon, juniper, and cedar, along with open meadows of gramma grass and wildflowers make up the terrain and landscape of Blue Hills Elk Ranch.
Spectacular sunrises over the Sawtooth Mountains in the wee hours of the morning, distant views of snow capped, 11,300 foot, Mount Taylor in the winter months, along with the anticipation of seeing elk, antelope, mule deer, predators,small game, and a variety of feathered friends enhance the surroundings of Blue Hills Elk Ranch, making each day an adventure in itself.
Blue Hills Elk Ranch is located at a comfortable elevation of 7,200 feet, between Pie Town and Grants, in New Mexico’s largest county, Catron County. Situated in Game Management Unit 12 the ranch received 5 highly coveted rifle elk tags.
Healthy gramma grass and numerous drinkers provide feed and water for 70 to 80 AUM year-round on approximately 5,430 acres of deeded lands and 640 acres of state leased lands.
Unique to hunting in southwestern New Mexico, Blue Hills Elk Ranch typically receives 5 rifle elk permits annually. These tags are good for any 5 days from the opening of the season, which in Unit 12 is normally October 1  through December 31 within the ranch boundaries. Elsewhere, in the southwestern part of the state, rifle elk season typically starts in mid October. An early start date of October 1 puts the rifle hunt on Blue Hills Elk Ranch in the peak of the rut, something not often found in New Mexico hunting. Several trophy bulls scoring over 375 have been taken in Unit 12 over the past several years, and no doubt others will be taken in years to come. In addition, Blue Hills Elk Ranch typically receives 3 cow elk permits annually. Archery elk hunts take place in September, and licenses can be drawn through the state lottery system. Future habitat improvements to the ranch, and a working relationship with the game and fish, could very well lead to an increased number of elk permits issued by the department. In addition to fantastic elk hunting, Blue Hills Elk Ranch has quality mule deer hunting. A 5 day rifle hunt runs from the end of October to the beginning of November. Archery season runs for approximately 3 weeks in September, and a 5 day muzzleloader hunt starts at the end of September to the first of October.
These licenses are unlimited in number or “over the counter” within the boundaries of the ranch. Other hunting on the ranch, and in the area, includes mountain lion, black bear, coyotes, and other small game species.

Historically Blue Hills Elk Ranch runs a minimum of 70 to 80 cows year round, and up to 100 cows on a year with good precipitation.
The ranch is divided into 4 pastures with good water distribution throughout. The north portion of the ranch has one well and storage tank, and 2 dirt tanks. Natural lakes in the northeast corner provide additional water for livestock and wildlife. A very good 480 foot well on the south portion of the ranch is solar powered with a 220 horse submersible pump. It supplies a 5,000 gallon water storage tank, and pipeline to 3 large rubber tire tanks in 3 separate pastures. The south portion of the ranch has 2 dirt tanks.

Heading north from Blue Hills Elk Ranch to Grants and I-40 takes approximately 45 minutes, and from I-40 east to Albuquerque takes approximately 1 hour. Along the way you’ll pass El Malpais National Monument with Bandera Volcano and the Ice Caves to the west. The drive is spectacular with rolling black lava on the west side of Highway 117. The steep sandstone bluffs of La Ventana arch, and the high mesas of the Pueblo of Acoma, are a stark contrast on the east side of the highway.
The “badlands”, or Malpais, are filled with lava tubes for exploring. Bandera Volcano is situated on the Continental Divide and the trails take you through twisted juniper, fir, and ponderosa pine along the lava flow to the Ice Caves. The Ice Caves never rise above 31 degrees and the contrast of the blue green ice of the caves with the ancient lava flow above is staggering. The El Malpais National Conservation Area and the Cibola Wilderness Area provide thousands of acres for recreation and exploration, all within minutes of Blue Hills Elk Ranch.
The famous little community of Pie Town is about 30 minutes south of Blue Hills Elk Ranch. From there Highway 60 takes you west, an additional hour, to Springerville, and Eagar, for supplies and amenities.
In contrast to heading north towards Grants, the communities of Springerville, Eagar and Show Low provide opportunities for fishing on the many lakes of the area, and winter sports at Sunrise Apache ski resort.

The closest international airport is located in Albuquerque, which is approximately an hour and forty-five minutes from Blue Hills Elk Ranch. The
southwestern atmosphere of Albuquerque and the various cultures from cowboy, to Spanish, and Native American make it a city of delight with unlimited entertainment and activity.
The Springerville Municipal Airport can accommodate large planes, has two runways, one runway over 8,400 feet in length, 24 hour fuel, and courtesy cars. The Grants-Milan Municipal Airport is located 3 miles outside of Grants with similar amenities.
Sitting at a comfortable elevation of 7,200 feet, Blue Hills Elk Ranch experiences four splendid seasons, as does most of New Mexico. Rocky red bluffs covered in winter snow, the early warmth of spring, sudden summer thunderstorms, and fall pastures of green grass and wildflowers exemplify the beauty of Blue Hills Elk Ranch.
Located in a semi-arid climate, Blue Hills Elk Ranch receives annual precipitation of 11 inches. Average high temperatures are in the 70’s, and average low temperatures are in the 30’s. As with most of New Mexico the sun shines 275 to 300 days a year on Blue Hills Elk Ranch
Over 6,000 acres of magnificent country with scenic views in all directions, terrain that ranges from grassy meadows to rocky bluffs and rolling pinon and juniper covered mountains, 5 rifle elk tags in an excellent hunting area, the capacity to run a minimum of 70 to 80 cows year round, all amount to a fantastic ranch located at a mild elevation with four wonderful seasons, and a multitude of surrounding beauty and recreational opportunity, Blue Hills Elk Ranch.

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Straddling the Continental Divide, at an elevation ranging from 7,800 to 8,200 feet, in the heart of Unit 15 in Catron County, New Mexico, Elk Camp Ranch is a hunter’s paradise. Offered at $750,000.

The 596 deeded acres of Elk Camp Ranch are a wonderful mixture of open grassy meadows, pinon pine, juniper, and majestic ponderosa pine. Panoramic views of the Apache National Forest in the distance, the Mangas Mountains, and solitary Allegres Mountain can be seen from various high points on the ranch. The close proximity to the Cibola, Apache, and Gila National Forests provides excellent, and abundant, opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and more.
Unit 15 is one of New Mexico’s quality/high demand hunting units and one of its most popular units for trophy elk hunting. Elk hunts on the ranch, and in the unit, are designated as primitive weapons only. Archery elk hunts take place throughout the month of September and 2 five-day muzzleloader elk hunts take place in the month of October. No rifle elk hunts take place in Unit 15, which ensures the quality of the hunt
on Elk Camp Ranch, and in the surrounding area. In addition to the superior elk hunting on Elk Camp Ranch, mule deer, turkey, and bear are often seen, and licenses are available for those hunts through the NM Department of Game and Fish. Portions of Elk Camp Ranch border the Buchanan Ranch, which is known for quality elk hunting. In free ranging country elk roam as they please.Over the years meadows on the ranch have been planted in winter wheat and continued habitat improvement could lead to an increased number of elk permits issued to the ranch. Currently the owners receive 1 muzzleloader elk permit, 2 archery elk permits, and 2 cow elk permits, issued on a total of 1,200 acres. A proportionate share of those permits should transfer to the 616 acre Elk Camp Ranch upon sale, and application with the Game and Fish Department.
A solar powered well, at a depth of 460 feet, and two good dirt tanks provide water for elk, mule deer, turkey, and other big and small game species on currently the well supplies a tire drinker. The installation of a storage tank, and pipe lines to additional drinkers, would be valuable habitat improvement and could lead to additional elk permits issued to the ranch. A seasonal creek runs through the center of the property feeding the dirt tank on the east side of the ranch and further development could increase water supply.

Elk Camp Ranch is remote and very private, yet easily accessible via good gravel roads maintained by Catron County. The nearby community of Pie Town is approximately 15 miles from Elk Camp Ranch. Pie Town is located on U.S. Highway 60 and renowned for its history of homemade pies. It boasts three pie cafes as well as a small convenience store, named Top of The World for its location on the Continental Divide. From Pie Town travel to Albuquerque takes approximately 3 hours. The small towns of Datil and Quemado, which are located a short distance to the east and west of Pie Town, have small grocery stores, fuel, restaurants, and motels. The food is always good and the folks are always friendly.

Located in New Mexico’s largest county, Elk Camp Ranch is surrounded by country rich in ranching history dating back to the 1800’s. Remnants of old line cabins, settlements, ghost towns, and ruins from Native American travel, can be found throughout the area and on the ranch.
Elk Camp Ranch is a dream hunting and recreational property. It’s a secluded retreat with elk and other wildlife grazing in its meadows and drinking from its ponds. It has a good well already in place, electricity is close by, and it has several pristine building sites to choose from with breathtaking views and western sunsets to remember.


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In just a few days, the archery antelope hunt will start in most areas of New Mexico. The first hunt is on private land, followed a week later by public land. Many of the ranches in Southwest New Mexico encompass both grasslands with antelope herds  and forested areas, where the elk hunting  takes place. A portion of the ranches for sale will be eligible to receive both landowner antelope tags as well as elk tags.  Antelope hunting is a great way to stretch your hunting season. In addition, the bear season starts around this time and bear tags may be purchased over-the-counter.   To view these ranches that are for sale right now, all you have to do is contact us and we will be happy to show you around.

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It is high summer and the Southwest mountains of New Mexico have been transformed into a beautiful playground. Hiking, camping, picnics, all are wonderful activities which allow families to do fun adventures together while admiring the views and vistas.

The Spring was cool with rain from time to time, the Summer monsoons started early and have provided much needed moisture. The cattle and hunting ranches are green, full of flowers while the grama grass is growing, promising to give copious and rich feed to cattle and wildlife alike. This time of the year is a wonderful time to come out and visit the ranches and tracks of land for sale. As always, we are here to show you around!

The Gila National Forest is the 6th largest National Forest in the Continental USA. It encompasses approximately 2,710,000 acres of public land. Located in South West New Mexico, the terrain ranges from tall mountain peaks to semi-desert, with elevations from 4,200 to 10,000 feet. Many parts are rugged, and the area is mostly unspoiled.

There is ample opportunity for hunting – elk, mule deer,  antelope, bear, mountain lion and wild turkey are popular game animals, other activities include fishing, hiking, camping, horse back riding, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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QLE Common Areas

The Gila National Forest is a wonderful playground for hunting, hiking, horse back riding, camping, etc.    In addition, there are some unique places to explore.


The Gila Cliff Dwellings, located in the extreme southern part of Catron County, contain the ruins of interlinked cave dwellings built by the Mogollon people around 1300 AD. There are 46 rooms within 5 caves, believed to be occupied by 10 to 15 families.

There are a number of hot springs in the Gila Wilderness area. The wilderness area is only accessible on foot or on horse back. This beautiful place  has areas forested with tall ponderosa pines as well as open meadows.

Portions of the Gila National Forest can be explored from two scenic byways; The Geronimo National Scenic Byway, and the Trail of the Mountain Spirit Byway, You can explore old mining towns, perhaps find old arrow heads and shards of ancient th1

The results for the New Mexico big game hunting draw will be announced in just a few days. All over the States hunters are anxiously awaiting this day. Some will be very happy, many will be very disappointed. But then of course there are those that do not have to worry, because they own a ranch in New Mexico with Landowner tags! There are a number of great hunting ranches for sale. They can and will be used for cattle ranches the rest of the year.

Why don’t you contact us and see if we can find you a ranch for sale that meets your needs. We are always here to help you!


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Catron County encompasses almost 7000 sq. miles – larger than several states – yet its’ population is only 3725 folks according to the 2010 census. Little has changed from the first census in 1930 when the population was listed at 3282. Of course, the 12,000 elk in the county make up for the lack of people!

The county seat is in Reserve. The name was derived from the establishment of three National Forests: Gila National Forest, Apache National Forest and Cibola National Forest, in the past called “Forest Reserves”

There are no stoplights in the entire county. When someone is scheduled to take a driving test, a temporary stoplight is set up in Reserve.

There are many cattle ranches in the county, several well over 100,000 acres. For the most part, cattle are still worked on horseback, part of the Western tradition continued by the current generation of ranching families and cowboys, while still providing some of the finest beef to the citizens of the U.S.

Living in Catron County is a wonderful experience as well as an adventure. There are cattle ranches and hunting properties for sale right now, contact us and we will help you find one.

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