Heavenly Acres Ranch is located in New Mexico’s Game Management Unit 15, an area renowned for trophy elk. Unit 15 is a widely sought after quality/high demand elk hunting unit that offers archery and muzzleloader hunts at their finest. The restricted use of rifles in the area protects the quality of a trophy elk population with bulls in the 350’s plus, taken on a yearly basis. Unit 15 has 2 archery elk seasons that run throughout the month of September, and 3 five-day muzzleloader elk hunts in October and November, along with youth and antlerless elk hunts.
Heavenly Acres Ranch typically receives 6 landowner elk permits issued through the NMDGF, 3 muzzleloader elk permits, 1 archery elk permit, and 2 antlerless/cow elk permits, and these permits have been designated Unit Wide.
The average price of an archery elk landowner permit in Unit 15 during the 2015 season was $5,000 to $6,000 with muzzleloader elk landowner permits running $5,000.00.
Trophy mule deer and wild turkeys frequent the ranch along with black bear, mountain lion, coyotes, bobcats, and other small game species. Mule deer hunting takes place with rifles, muzzleloaders, and bows, and licenses can be obtained through the state lottery or over the counter within the private lands of the ranch.
The ranch currently runs an outfitting business from the headquarters during the fall and in previous years it has also operated as a summer dude ranch providing pack trips and trail rides.

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Heavenly Acres Ranch
Land Status
Approximately 1760 Deeded Acres
1220 BLM Leased Acres
Hunting and elk permits
Unit 15
3 Muzzleloader Elk Permits
1 Archery Elk Permit
2 Antlerless Cow Elk Permits
cattle operations
140 Yearlings, 160 to 180 on a wet year
May through November
4 Wells, 5 Pastures, Dirt Tanks & Concrete Tank
3,200 SF. 6 Bedrooms. 6 Baths
Bunkhouse. 4 Bedrooms. 1 Bath
Barn. 50’ x 60’

Picturesque Mountain Ranch, Luna New Mexico
The Heavenly Acres Ranch sits within the heart of the Apache National Forest, a picturesque setting of lush green meadows surrounded by mountaintops of ponderosa pine, skies that reach to eternity, and a historic old log cabin sitting at the edge of it’s valley, as if in a dream of old. Nestled in an atmosphere of peaceful solitude, at an elevation of 7,500 feet,Heavenly Acres Ranch consists of 2880 total acres,1760 deeded acres and 1220 BLM leased acres. Surrounded by public land, with over 2 million acres of national forest as a back yard, year round recreational opportunities, from the front steps of the ranch, are limitless.
Bottom ground that’s perfect for cross pastures and brood mares, and leased acres that are excellent for rotating fresh roping steers, Heavenly Acres Ranch is an ideal horse property. As a cattle ranch the lush green meadows and leased acres of Heavenly Acres Ranch currently support 140 yearlings five months of the year.
Located in some of New Mexico’s finest country for big game hunting with a 3,200 square foot home, a bunkhouse, barn, and corrals, Heavenly Acres Ranch is an ideal horse property and/or cattle ranch and a fantastic location for a dude ranch and/or Outfitting business.

A beautiful ranch house with bay windows and a full-length west-facing porch that overlooks the property was built in 2006. The ranch house is approximately 3,200 square feet with 4 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom (and an office that is also used as a bedroom) downstairs, and 6 baths. Downstairs has a large living room with fireplace, dining room, and kitchen. Telephone is available at the ranch house, and a solar system and generator provide electricity. A 4 bedroom, 1 bath, bunkhouse provides room for additional ranch guests or clients. Propane lights add to its charm, and a generator supplies power.
The barn is approximately 50’ by 60’ with stalls and attached corrals.
An old log cabin, dating back to the 1800’s, adds an irreplaceable touch of the past to Heavenly Acres Ranch.

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The Southwest mountain region of New Mexico is known for its many beautiful vistas and its abundant wildlife, but in addition, there is a very interesting site to visit.
It is called the VLA (Very Large Array), and it is one of the world’s premier astronomical radio observatories, consisting of 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration on the Plains of San Agustin.
The VLA is located between the towns of Magdalena and Datil, about 50 miles west of Socorro, New Mexico. U.S. Route 60 passes east-west through the complex. The VLA site is open to visitors year round during daylight hours. On every first Saturday of the month, special guided and behind-the-scenes tours are offered. A visitor center houses a small museum, theater, and a gift shop. A self-guided walking tour is available, as the visitor center is not staffed continuously.
Each of the massive telescopes is mounted on double parallel railroad tracks, so the radius and density of the array can be transformed to focus on particular bands of wavelength. Astronomers using the VLA have made key observations of black holes and protoplanetary disks around young stars, discovered magnetic filaments and traced complex gas motions at the Milky Way’s center.
. In 1989 the VLA was used to receive radio communications from the Voyager 2 spacecraft as it flew by Neptune. It is not, despite depictions in popular culture, used to assist in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
The VLA has been featured in several movies, one of the more notable was “Contact” with Jodie Foster.
A visit to the VLA is well worth the effort, and will get you in the mood to visit one of the many ranches or properties for sale in the area.220px-USA.NM.VeryLargeArray.02 220px-Very_Large_Array,_2012

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As the New Year is almost here, it is time to reminisce about 2015. Thinking back over the good and the bad, it was really all good. We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of this great country. Clean air, few people, a varied landscape with 11,000 ft. mountains, large plains, forests, and abundant wildlife. During the past year we have met and worked with lots of wonderful people. There have been adventures traveling the back roads, some no more than trails. We have seen herds of elk, an occasional bear, lots of antelope. Also fields of flowers, incredible vistas, green meadows. We hope that in 2016 we will be able to work with more folks, and help them fulfil their dreams. A list of properties available follows, however, we will be happy to assist in finding other pieces of land, be it small or large. Give us a call at 575-772-5997. We wish everyone a very happy New Year.

1. Blue Hills Elk Ranch – $4,300,000. – 6,070 acres – 5430 deeded
2. Farewell Canyon Ranch – $4,000,000. – 21,959 acres with custom home – 7760 deeded
3. Gallo Mountain Ranch – $3,250,000. – 39,473 acres – 840 deeded
4. Trotter Ranch – $2,600,000. – 3,200 acres – 2640 deeded
5. Elk Camp Ranch – $750,000. – 596 acres – all deeded
6. Elk Meadow Ranch – $210,000. – 140 acres – all deeded

Water, Electricity, and Telephone
The Trotter Ranch has 3 wells. The first is located at the north end of the ranch where remnants of an old homestead remain. The second is in the center of the ranch, and it supplies water to a large metal drinker at that well. From there it feeds a pipeline that runs a short distance to a 10,000 gallon water storage tank, and that pipeline continues on to a small water tank at the south end of the ranch. The third well is on the east end of the ranch.
Electricity runs from the northeast corner of the ranch to the second well in the center of the ranch. Several open meadows, along with readily available water, electricity, and telephone, provide opportunities for beautiful home site selections.
The Trotter Ranch is 1 hour from Round Valley, AZ. The communities of Springerville and Eager sit in the foothills of the White Mountains in east central AZ along the Little Colorado River. With numerous lakes, streams, year round hunting, and a ski resort, Round Valley is known as a “community for all seasons”. The White Mountain area has over 40 lakes and many of those are a short distance from Springerville. Lyman Lake, 1400 acres, is just 17 miles north of Springerville with catfish, crappie, large mouth bass, and walleye. Big Lake, 400 acres, is only 19 miles southwest of Springerville with rainbow, brook, and cutthroat trout. Sunrise Ski Resort offers a variety of winter sports, with 65 ski runs, a separate snowboarding area, a cross-country ski area, and a children’s “ski wee” area. Ice fishing is also available on several of the areas lakes. All of this, and more, within an hour of the Trotter Ranch!
Sitting on the Mogollon Rim just west of Springerville, is Show Low, AZ. A community of quaint boutiques, first class restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping. Show Low is surrounded by ponderosa pine creating a picturesque mountain community located only 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Trotter Ranch.
The village of Quemado, 15 minutes from the ranch, offers residents of the area a grocery store, hardware store, motels, restaurants, and a fairly new gas station and convenience store. Just 30 minutes south of Quemado is Quemado Lake, an easy drive for a relaxing afternoon of trout or muskie fishing.
Only 15 miles south of the Trotter Ranch lies the Apache National Forest, over 2 million acres of mountain country at your fingertips for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities of every nature. Rivers and streams within the Apache National Forest for canoeing and fishing include the Blue, Little Colorado, Black, and San Francisco.
The closest international airport is located in Albuquerque, which is approximately 3 ½ hours from Quemado, and the Phoenix International Airport is approximately 5 hours from Quemado. The Springerville Municipal Airport can accommodate large planes, has two runways, 24 hour fuel, courtesy cars, and it is within 1 hour of the ranch.
Opportunities to hunt trophy elk with a rifle during the rut, stunning views of the Sawtooth Mountains, water, electricity, and telephone readily available, and a location that provides easy access to the Apache National Forest and its many recreational attributes, along with the lakes, streams, hunting, fishing, and skiing in the Springerville area, and the fantastic amenities offered by the mountain community of Show Low combine to enhance the many characteristics of the Trotter Ranch.

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Sweeping views of the Sawtooth Mountains to the east and Mariano Mesa to the west, along with a blend of rolling hills and mesas covered in pinon pine and alligator juniper, flowing into meadows of gramma grass and wildflowers, capture the essence of the 3,200 acre Trotter Ranch, consisting of 2,640 deeded acres and 560 BLM leased acres.
A unique hunting property, the Trotter Ranch is located in an area known for quality elk and mule deer. Located in Game Management Unit 12 the ranch typically receives 5 elk permits. Although primarily a hunting ranch, wells and storage tanks along with a variety of native grasses will support 40 to 50 cow/ calf year round.
The Trotter Ranch is just minutes from the village of Quemado at a gentle elevation of 6,900 feet. The Apache National Forest, located just 15 miles south of the Trotter Ranch, offers a variety of recreational activities including hiking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, 4 wheeling, exploring, and more.
The Trotter Ranch is located in New Mexico’s Game Management Unit 12 which offers the only early season rifle elk hunt in the southwestern portion of the state. This high demand/quality elk hunt starts October 1 when the bulls are in the rut. While many of the GMU’s in the southwest are restricted to bows and muzzleloaders, this unique hunt provides an opportunity to hunt with a rifle during the rut.
The Trotter Ranch typically receives 2 rifle elk permits for this early season hunt. The ranch also receives 1 archery elk permit that can be used September 1 through September 24, and 2 cow elk permits. These permits are designated
Ranch Only. Over the years the early rifle elk hunts in Unit 12 have produced several 375 plus bulls, and this tremendous opportunity will more than likely continue for years to come.
Mule deer hunts on the ranch include a 5 day rifle season at the end of October, a 5 day muzzleloader season at the end of September, and an archery season from September 1 through September 24, which could be combined with the archery elk permit issued to the ranch.
Although the area is well known for trophy elk and mule deer, antelope, mountain lion, bear, coyotes, and a variety of small game species add to the hunting opportunities on the ranch.

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A land of many uses, opportunities abound on the 140 acre Elk Meadow Ranch located just north of Pie Town, New Mexico.

This wonderful piece of land consists of large meadows surrounded by gentle hills dotted with piñon pine and juniper, ensuring that virtually the whole property is usable land.

Elk Meadow Ranch is located in Unit 12. The current owner has received one mature bull rifle elk permit and one either sex archery elk permit, designated as Ranch Only, for the last two years. New owners will need to make their own arrangements with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish regarding the allocation of elk permits.

Elk Meadow Ranch is situated at the corner of Units 12, 13, and 15, making travel, and access, to all three of these units relatively easy. A maintained easement road runs through part of the property. The current owner has constructed a graveled driveway off of the easement road to a level graveled pad with a beautiful view of the meadows.

A 1,100 gallon water storage tank, with frost free faucet, has been installed, as well as a new septic system. Electricity is nearby.

Elk Meadow Ranch is conveniently located just 1/4 mile off of US Highway 60, on County Road 603, providing excellent year round access to its owners. The small village of Pie Town, renowned for its pie cafes is just a stone’s throw away. Fuel, restaurants, and small grocery stores are available in Datil, and Quemado, and each are approximately 20 miles from Pie Town.

Elk Meadow Ranch is an ideal recreational property for hunting, hiking, horseback riding, exploring, and more. Whether you are looking for a permanent home site in a convenient location, a base camp for hunting, or just a place to get away for a long walk or ride, Elk Meadow Ranch provides it all.

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