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New Mexico Hunting Ranches for Antelope

Posted in: Antelope Ranches
Pronghorn Antelope
Antelope abound in the plains country stretching from Socorro through Magdalena and Datil, and on to Horse Springs and Reserve.  Seeing an abundance of bucks on a regular basis makes this hunt a tremendous amount of fun.  Ranches and landowners are typically issued antelope permits in proportion to the number of public draw hunters allowed to access their deeded ranch land.

Catron County, New Mexico

Posted in: Towns and Villages

Catron County has a rich and interesting history. The first settlers were here thousands of years ago; as far back as 10999 BC. Catron County became famous (or perhaps infamous) during the 1800's when the  Indian wars took place and several well known battles were fought, such as the "Alma Massacre" in 1880 and the Frisco shootout in San Francisco Place in 1884.

Also during this time the first silver and gold ore was found in the mountains of Catron County, which led to several legend such as the "Lost Dutchman site" and "Adams Diggins"

In the mid 1880's well known outlaws were living in Catron County ; Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch gang and Tom Ketchum to name a few.

Catron County was part of Socorro County until 1921, when it received it's independence.

New Mexico's Fishing Lakes

Posted in: Fishing
Quemado Lake
The 800 acre Quemado Lake Recreation Area is located approximately 20 miles south of Quemado.  The recreation area includes the 131 acre man made trout lake with two ADA fishing piers, two boat ramps, seven developed campgrounds, one private campground, and links to more than seven miles of hiking trails.  The lake is nestled between pinon-juniper woodland and pine forests at an elevation of 7,860 feet.  The lake offers year round fishing and warm water fishing for trout and muskie.  The lake also has an overlook trail that leads through stands of ponderosa pines.  From the overlook, panoramic view of El Caso Peak, Castle Rock, and Quemado Lake provide excellent photographic opportunities.  Many types of birds inhabit the area. Dining is available at Snuffy's Restaurant.

Pie Town Festival

Posted in: Local Events and Attractions

Every second Saturday in September, the annual “Pie Festival” will take place in Pie Town, NM. This sleepy little village of about 60 inhabitants will swell to over 1000 people. Activities include a pie baking contest, games, music, food, arts and crafts vendors and of course ---- LOTS of pie.

The Festival will be held at Jackson Park.  In addition to pies sold in the park there are two pie restaurants in town, and for those who like something different, there is the windmill museum, housing items from days past and serving pie and coffee as well.

So how did Pie Town get its’ name? In the 1920’s, an enterprising man named Clyde Norman started selling dried apple pie along a trail used by cowboys and ranchers taking their cattle to the railhead in Magdalena. Eventually, the little settlement acquired a post office and became Pie Town officially. Many of the cattle ranches dating back to that era are still around .

Another event in September is the Archery Elk season…many hunters will take a few hours to leave the hunting lands to gorge themselves on pie.

New Mexico's Southwest Communities

Posted in: Towns and Villages
Southwest Communities
In the midst of southwest New Mexico's ranching and hunting country as you travel west from Interstate 25 on Highway 60 are the small towns of Socorro, Magdalena, Datil, Pie Town, and Quemado.  Socorro (literally to give aid) was a source of help to the first expediton of Spanish families traveling north from Mexico in 1598, led by Don Juan De Onate y Salazar.  Socorro continued to grow with the arrival of the railroad in the 1880's which brought miners, merchants, and cattlemen to Socorro County.  Today farming along the Rio Grande and ranching in the outlying areas support the agricultural community of Socorro.  The Bosque del Apache and New Mexico Tech add to the diversity of the Socorro community.

New Mexico's Recreational Opportunities

Posted in: Recreation
Archery Elk and Deer Hunting
New Mexico offers it's residents unlimited recreational activities.  It's numerous national forests , monuments, and resorts provide endless opportunities for the outdoorsman and sportsman.  The Gila National Forest is comprised of more than three million acres of beautiful rugged landscape, and more wilderness than in any other national forest of the Southwest.  From the high spruce-fir reaches of an eleven thousand foot peak in the Mogollon Mountains where golden eagles play with the wind, down to the semi-arid four thousand two hundred foot elevation, vibrant with antelope and Chihuahuan and Upper Sonoran desert cacti, there are six distinct "plant communities."  This superb example of pristine mountains, forests, range land, and protected desert, is the first ever designated wilderness area in the world.  The Gila National Forest has three lakes.  The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish stock all three with rainbow trout in fall, winter, and spring months.

New Mexico Hunting Ranches for Big Game

Posted in: Hunting Ranches

New Mexico Hunting Ranch
New Mexico Hunting Ranch
Your cattle ranch in Arizona, Utah or New Mexico will more than likely become a  hunting ranch throughout the fall and winter hunting season.  What started out as fun, or a way to bring in a little extra money, is now a very lucrative asset to most cattle ranches. 

Arizona, New Mexico and Utah all have quality big game hunting managed by their perspective Game and Fish Departments with varying management incentives.

Seasons in Catron County, New Mexico

Posted in: Communities

The Southwest Mountain Region of New Mexico is diverse in its landscape as well as in its seasons.

Spring brings mild day temperatures, chilly nights and possibly a lot of wind.

The summer is absolutely beautiful with warm days, cool nights and the monsoon season. During the monsoon, days start out bright and sunny and cloud up in the afternoon with sometimes incredible thunderstorms, that can bring heavy rain. Consequently, late summer/early fall the landscape is spectacular with tall grasses and flowers everywhere.


The Fall is an exiting time. Along with the hunters come the cooler days and nights, even some early frost. It is a great time for hiking, and getting that last hunting trip in.

The winter brings very cold nights, but it usually warms up enough during the day that it is not unpleasant to be outside. The winters are also relatively short, and the snowfall usually not very heavy.

All in all, the climate in this part of New Mexico is very pleasant and lends itself to lots of outdoor activities!


Scenic New Mexico Ranch & Land Photos

Posted in: Area Photos
New Mexico Ranch
New Mexico Ranch
View photos of southwestern New Mexico ranches, New Mexico land, NM real estate and horse properties. We also offer New Mexico ranch and farm resources to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing where to live.

We provide information on New Mexico Real Estate, Ranches, Farms, Land, outdoor and community resources for southwestern New Mexico. We hope that you will find this information useful!

Rodeo season in New Mexico

Posted in: New Mexico Ranches, Local Events and Attractions
Summer in New Mexico means Rodeo Season is here. Almost every weekend there is a rodeo somewhere, from Ranch Rodeos where the local ranchers and cowboys display their skills, to High School rodeos where young people compete hard in the hopes of a future professional rodeo career. Some of the popular local events are the Magdalena Old Timers reunion, the Luna Rodeo, the Catron County Fair and the Socorro County Fair. In addition,  there are frequent local ropings held where folks gather to socialize and enjoy the laid back Southwest lifestyle.

New Mexico Hunting Resources & Outfitters

Posted in: Hunting
New Mexico Outfitters
NM Outfitters
The trophy genetics of the elk population in southwestern New Mexico makes hunting in and around the areas of Magdalena, Datil, Pie Town, and Quemado, an exceptional experience.

Archery elk season takes place in September when the bulls are typically in the rut and numerous record book bulls have been taken in both the Catron and Socorro County areas.  Muzzleloader and rifle seasons for elk primarily take place in October and Safari Club International's number one typical elk was taken south of Magdalena in Socorro County. 

Community Events and Attractions

Posted in: Local Events and Attractions
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
Bosque del Apache with means "woods of the Apache", was named for the people who often camped in the riverside forest.  Today it is known as one of the most spectacular Refuges in North America.  This 57,331 acre refuge straddles the Rio Grande Valley in Socorro, New Mexico.  It ranges in elevation from 4,500 to 6,195 feet above sea level.  It receives approximately 8 inches of precipitation each year.  Within the refuge's borders lie three wilderness area totaling approximately 30,850 acres and five research natural areas totaling 18,500 acres.  Here, tens of thousands of birds--including sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many kinds of ducks-gather each autumn and stay through the winter.  Feeding snow geese erupt in explosions of wings when frightened by a stalking coyote, and at dusk flight and flight of geese and cranes return to roost in the marches of the refuge.

Magdalena Old Timer's Festival
For the past 30 years, this annual event takes you back to the glory days of a livestock and mining town.  The festival includes a mini-cattle drive, a full day of youth rodeo, team roping and other rodeo events, barbeque, parade, Kelly walk/run, pancake breakfast, western dances, Indian Village, entertainment, and crowning of the Old Timer's Queen.  Magdalena Old Timer's takes place the weekend following July 4th.

Magdalena London Frontier Theater
The London Frontier Theater was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1991.  It came to Magdalena in 1996 and presents a wide variety of plays adapted to its western setting.  It incorporates the area's multi-cultural history to create an entertaining theater experience.  Presentations are held at Magdalena's historic WPA gym.

Magdalena Arts and Crafts Festival
The Arts and Crafts Festival and Studio Tour is held every year in the Spring and Fall.  It features a great variety of unique creations such as fine art, woven rugs, decorated eggs, handmade quilts, pottery, sculpture, metal art, glass beads, holiday decorations, and hand decorated tiles.

Very Large Array
The Very Large Array, one of the world's premier astronomical radio observatories consists of 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration on the Plains of San Augustin a short distance east of Datil, New Mexico.  Each antenna is 82 feet in diameter.  The data from the antennas is combined electronically to give the resolution of an antenna 22 miles across, with the sensitivity of a dish 422 feet in diameter.  The first antenna was put into place in September 1975 and the complex was formally inaugurated in 1980, after a total investment of $78.5 million.  In 1989 the VLA was used to receive radio communications from the Voyager 2 spacecraft as it flew by Neptune.  It is not, despite depictions in popular culture, used to assist in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)  The image of the VLA has become nearly iconic in American culture, though most persons do not know where it is located or what exactly it does.  But it has appeared in much of pop culture since its construction.  It has been the setting of movies including 2010, Contact, The Arrival, Armageddon, Independence Day, and Terminator Salvation.

Pie Town Pie Festival
The Pie Town Pie Festival is held annually in the fall on the second Saturday of September.  There are food and craft vendors, a pie baking contest, a High Plains Outlaws Gunfight Reenactment, pie judging, a crowning of the Queen, children's games, a horned-toad race, a pie eating contest, and raffle prized.

Catron County Fair
The Catron County Fair is held annually in Reserve, New Mexico.  The fair boast a variety of animal shows, livestock judging contests, dummy roping contests, a rodeo, a dance, a junior livestock sale, a junior rodeo, team roping, and a parade of champions.

Southwest Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off
The Dutch Oven Cook-Off has a large variety of set-ups like cowboy-camps, teepees and tents, and even mule-drawn wagons.  The cooking begins in the morning, and then the cooks bring their pots to the Pavilion.  Folks show up to purchase Tater Plates where they will receive a spoonful of each dish on their plate, and there are usually about 30 to 40 different dishes on the buffet line.  Tables and benches are provided for the diners.  Attendees are entertained with musicians and after everyone is served awards and prizes are presented to the winning cooks.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch/Dude Ranch
They say that there's nothing in New Mexico but the land beneath you, but for some people that's exactly what is needed.  At Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, some of the most beautiful pieces of it are found.  The nearest stoplight from the ranch is found 85 miles away, making this ranch rich with seclusion-induced serenity.  A day at the ranch is up to the guest.  Horseback riding is a must, as the terrain carries visitors across open meadows, through majestic ponderosa forests, down into deep canyons with rugged cliffs and crystal clear streams, and up onto high hills where view stretch for miles across the Gila National Forest.  Children's activities are also offered here-indoor and outdoor games as well as campfires.  Hiking, mountain biking (bring your own bike) and fishing in the rivers that run through it are all within footsteps.

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